About Us

Who we are, what we do, and where we are.

We are Jordan’s first online marketplace for high-end collectibles.

We are legally registered under a Jordanian limited liability company based in Amman.

Our aim is to provide individuals, collectors, and dealers across the Kingdom with access to a vast database of high-end collectibles, antiques, and vintage items to browse, buy, or sell from anywhere at any time.

We intend to revolutionize the secondary market. We believe in a world where collectibles and antiques can be traded online at the best possible value through our channel of online commerce that gives new life to all things timeless.

Though Nine Six Two provides the platform and electronic payment processing for the users to buy and sell goods, the responsibility for the commercial transaction undertaken between the buyer and seller is solely their own. Nine Six Two is not the owner of the goods, does not buy or sell goods, not for itself or for others.