Sellers Guide

  1. To register as a Seller (company or individual) please click on the ‘Seller Registration Form’ button at the bottom of the page and submit the completed form.
  2. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to register and list products please refer to the ‘Sellers Account Set-Up Guide’ at the bottom of the page.
  3. If you do not want the hassle of setting up an account, you can simply email us as with the pictures of the items you would like to sell, the price you would like to sell them at, and the condition of the products, and we will do the rest hassle-free! Once the item is sold an administration fee of two percent (2% ) will be deducted from the sale price.

Key points to remember when setting up your account:

  • Your ‘Username’ will be visible to the public so please do not use your real name as your username.
  • All products listed will automatically be submitted for Nine Six Two’s approval before being published on the site.
  • Take clear pictures of the products you are listing (preferably against a neutral background).
  • Make sure to take pictures of any damages or defaults.
  • Include a picture highlighting the brand name, stamp or logo of the products.
  • Pictures should be of ratio 1:1.
  • Provide a description of the product (this should include brand, country of manufacture, year, product material, size, weight).
  • State the condition of the product (e.g. new, good, fair).
  • The more information provided the better and please be truthful to avoid the possibility of return on inspection.

Pricing Items

As guidance preowned goods are generally priced as follows:

  • Like New condition items (minimum use, no flaws): 70% of original price.
  • Good condition items (very few cosmetic flaws, scratches): 60% of original price.
  • Fair condition items (minor damages): 50% of original price.
  • Poor condition items (heavily used and it shows): 30% of original price.

Product Sold – Getting Paid

  • Once a product is sold, we will contact you within two (2) business days via the telephone number provided in your account to schedule a date and time to collect, package and deliver the product.
  • Upon receipt of payment for the product, we will deduct commission (10%) and release the remaining amount (90%) to you.
  • Payment can be made via bank transfer within ten (10) business days from receipt of funds or by cash within fourteen (14) business days from receipt of funds.
  • If the buyer does not accept the product for a valid reason (e.g. as a result of listing discrepancy or damages not shown in the pictures), payment will be returned to the buyer and the product returned to you at a JD 10.00 charge within seven (7) business days.
  • If the buyer does not accept the product for an invalid reason, the product will be returned to you free of charge within seven (7) business days.

Sellers Protection

  • Payment guaranteed for products sold and accepted by buyers.
  • Complete confidentiality – no interaction or sharing of information between buyers and sellers.

Commission and Featured Item Fees

  • Commission at a rate of 10% will be deducted from each product sold.
  • Featured Item listing fee is JD 3.00 per item and will remain featured for 14 days. Featured items are showcased on the Homepage and the Shop page.
  • If you choose the hassle-free selling option (no.3 above) a 2% administration fee will be deducted from the sale price of each product sold.